Lifestyle family photography in the Roman countryside

The more inquiries I get for ‘Lifestyle Family photography’ the happier I am. This sort of photography really ‘speaks’ to me and it’s so good to photograph families in spaces that are meaningful to them. Of course gorgeous outdoor family photo shoots are always lovely, but a lifestyle family shoot is so much more intimate and also , quite exciting from a photography point of view, as I can’t really prepare for the shoot as I don’t know the space that I will be shooting in. I find it really exciting to walk into a client’s home and look for interesting spaces that have good light to shoot in.  This particular family home was a gorgeous old stone Cotswold house in the beautiful village of Chedworth. Besides the very old walls and deep seat windows, it also had this really lovely staircase bathed in beautiful natural light from the skylight above. Ah, Bliss! My eyes must have popped out of my head when I saw that Staircase and it was a real ‘YESSSSSS’ moment. I love the way the photos on the stairway turned out, my favorite being the one taken from above looking down on the family.

Fresh and fun family photography

I really enjoyed this shoot. It was easy and fresh and fun. The ‘P’ family do not live in the UK all year round and actually live abroad, so it was interesting to talk about life elsewhere besides the UK. I am from South Africa so i always find discussions such as these very interesting. The ‘P’ family were lovely to shoot and their little girl, just too sweet for words. And already a jet setter! The  family were boarding a flight very the next day after our shoot so I was really lucky to have scheduled our shoot in the small window that we had.

My car actually would not start after this shoot! I had parked at the village hall and left my lights on, and the battery was drained by the time I got back. Luckily there was a chap working on an electrical box outside the hall and he managed to push start me however, my car kept cutting out on the drive home. It was little scary and nerve wracking, but even on the drive home amidst the chaos of the car stalling every few minutes, I had my mind on these beautiful photos I had just taken. And I’m so proud to share them.

This is what mum had to say “Tanli, you’ve made a gorgeous set of pictures for us. You were brilliant at getting our little one to play along even though she was full of cold.

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lifestyle family photography

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