I recently attended a 2 day workshop in London run by the absolutely fabulous, Audrey Woulard. Audrey is an internationally recognized natural light tween photographer who specializes in the the unique market of photographing ‘tweens’ , kids aged between 11 and 14. Audrey’s incredible photographic skills are equally matched by her larger than life personality and i thoroughly enjoyed meeting her. The first day of the workshop we photographed the kids who were all brilliant! I loved the way Audrey positioned the kids in the streets and alleyways of London, amidst all the clutter and made the photos….just beautiful!  Audrey’s style always reminds me of bouncing light and  i can immediately recognise her photography on social media sites as there is this beautiful sense of light bouncing around in her photos. We shot in full sun which was amazing as I’ve always wanted to learn the technique for that and I’m grateful, that now after this workshop, i no longer need to seek out full shade for a successful shoot.

The market of shooting tweens is one i would like to pursue in the UK.  I really enjoyed interacting with the kids and the very cool urban style of the location, i think was really appropriate for the age group:) The days of ‘cheesy’ smiles are over and i love the slightly more edgy and soulful style of this photography.I think its really important for memories to have a professional tween or teenage photo shoot. Its great fun and this window in time exists for just a few years and before you know it, your tween is a young woman! So, without further ado, here are some of my favourites from the workshop:


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