This Cotswold tween photo shoot was done in Cirencester, Gloucestershire on a very cold Sunday ! And a very confused Sunday weather wise. I initially set up my first shot as a group shot of the kids in front of the most gorgeous old wooden door. The lighting was lovely and all looked good. Once the kids were in position and i stepped back to take the shot, the sun came out from behind the clouds as a blazing spotlight! The kids were squinting and the shot was no more. So, we walked a bit further and 5 minutes later, we were all huddled in the shelter of an old barn away from the pouring rain. We did get to see the most spectacular rainbow though (scroll down to the end of the gallery to see that picture).  Gotta love this English weather:)

So, a tween shoot is great fun. Really. What an awesome age these kids are at. Not babies anymore and not yet young adults. Its a great age to have a shoot and a lovely idea is to have the images printed in a storyboard format. Next year i shall be adding some packages to my price list, and a really top notch gorgeous quality storyboard will definitely be one of them. I really enjoyed this shoot and would love to be doing more of them. Perhaps your child is an aspiring actor / actress or model and would like a few great photos for their portfolio? Please contact me as i’d be thrilled to have the opportunity to do another one of these shoots:)

Wow ! The photos are just beautiful . I am thrilled with them . Your eye for perfection is amazing , the light , the colours,  they are all brilliant . Big thank you , Helen xxx

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