My style is naturally gorgeous outdoor family photography that is centered around “capturing connections” and I firmly believe that an “emotionally rich image” trumps a perfectly posed photo any day :) My outdoor family photography shoots are  ‘play based’ meaning they  are fun for the whole family and I often have parents telling me that their children wanted to come back the following weekend and do it all again! My shoots are relaxed and easy….you will LOVE your photos and I consistently have families return year after year for shoots.

And my family shoots are not just for people either! Many of my clients bring along their gorgeous dogs too and they fit right in. After all, they are a member of the family so why shouldn’t they be included in a family shoot:) Bring ’em along!

Cotswold Family Photographer


Gloucestershire spring family photo shoot

Gloucestershire natural light family photography shoot

Cirencester Park family photo shoot

Cirencester spring photo shoot

The first of the spring blossoms

Lifestyle photography

Snow in Cirencester

Cotswold Tween photo shoot

Cotswold family and tween photographer

Autumn family portrait shoot

Lovely London photography

Charming Cirencester

Professional christening photographer

Enchanting England

London tween photography workshop

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