A happy outdoor family photo shoot

Every now and then, I like to give a shoot away for free:) Giving is receiving too y’know:) So, this outdoor family photo shoot was one of my giveaway shoots and I’m so happy to say, one of my favourite family photo shoots of the year.  The two little kids were so cute and the parents were so awesome, and the whole family had this amazing easy energy about them. The shoot was super relaxed and fun. We played a few games and walked a talked and got really gorgeous family photographs. I especially love the photograph of the parents playing ‘aeroplane’ with the 2 little ones. I just love their expressions as they were hurtling towards the camera and that gorgeous bit of sunlight filtering in behind them. Interesting point to note, that in order to get this shot, I was lying down on my back on a wet and fairly muddy walkway:) Ah, well, anything for a fabulous shot hey?

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous outdoor family photo shoot gallery, and you are looking at booking a family shoot of your own, I’d love it if you would get in touch with me. My shoots are easy, fun and very relaxed and I aim to capture your family’s unique connection and not just a series of posed photographs:) Gimme a shout on e-mail or via my Facebook page.

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