Words fail me to describe how happy i was with this shoot. Such a stunning couple, gorgeous weather and beautiful location…I honestly could not have asked for more. I am completely ecstatic with these photos. The beautiful photo of Mari Lu with the very strong back lighting (featured above) has to be one of my most favourite images in my portfolio. The light behind her was so bright and her face was so dark in my viewfinder i could hardly see her and yet…breathtakingly beautiful shot. I feel that all my “you tubing, tutorial doing and blog stalking’ is finally paying off and my technical ability behind the camera is steadfastly improving. I am just so happy with that shot as back lighting is one of the methods that i really enjoy and can be quite hard to ‘nail’ correctly.

Mari Lu is a beautiful girl. Did i mention how beautiful she is? Really stunning and a pleasure to shoot. Her and Ruan have been together for 5 years and very much in love. ….maybe i get to photograph their engagement oneday………… Enjoy these gorgeous pics:)

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