Magical child photography in sumptuous winter light

Sometimes it’s really difficult to put into words how I feel about certain shoots. This shoot happens to be one of those ‘hard to describe shoots’. And not in a negative way but rather, the shoot itself was like a little moment of magic and it’s hard to begin to describe how it all came together so well. These little boys were fabulous. Just full of energy and enthusiasm and so ‘present’ in the moment. Mum had dressed them incredibly well…i mean hey, look at these awesome outfits!!! AND to top it off, we had this gorgeous back glow of warm winter sunshine. Honestly, this is what child photography dreams are made of! This was a pretty last minute shoot and was scheduled ‘on the fly’ and it’s turned out to be one of my most favourite shoots of my career so far. I doubt that will change too much in time either. Every now and then, a situation presents itself, and then transforms into this little bit of photography ‘giddiness’.  Editing this gorgeous shoot was just a pure delight.

This is what mum had to say, “Wow the photos are so amazing!! They are all really stunning I don’t know how I’m going to choose!  You are so kind to say it was one of your favourite shoots, you really have captured our happy loving boys so well, the photos have brought tears to my eyes!”

Looking for a Cotswold child photographer?

This truly was a gorgeous magical shoot and I hope I get the opportunity to photograph these lovely boys again one day:) If you are looking for a child photography shoot, please do get in touch. I guarantee that you will receive images that will truly capture your child’s unique sparkle:)

PS: I’m excited to share that this shoot has just been featured in the March issue of Lemonade and Lenses:) Yay, I’m so honoured! You can view it here


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