London photography from the tour bus

My in-laws arrived from South Africa to spend some time with us in the UK and seeing as the as the whole week had been grey and dull, the mandatory visit to London was arranged on a drizzly day. We decided to drive into London after much deliberation over various modes of transport from trains to buses….but the car won unfortunately! I say unfortunately, because we spent 2 hours at an almost standstill on the infamous M4. Finally we got into London and after driving around in circles found a relatively cheap car park. Cheap because it was far . away. from. anything! Managed to hail a black cab and arrived at St James’ park during the most ferocious downpour of the year. And no, I’m not exaggerating as even the newsagent commented that ‘this sort of rain was not common’ whilst he sold us overpriced umbrellas. Just when I  was thinking what a terrible idea the whole day was turning out to be, the sun came out in all her beautiful brilliance and lit up London like a strobe light:) We spent the next 2 hours sitting on wet seats on the London tour bus basking in the sun and soaking up all that is London. One of those days that in hindsight becomes a better memory than it was on the actual day. The vast majority of my photos were taken from the moving bus, so i couldn’t exactly be picky with angles etc.. I love them though…..lovely lovely London…I’m so happy we live in the same country!

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