I am a contemporary family and lifestyle photographer based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. I am really fortunate to have such beautiful surroundings and i can offer my clients a lovely mix of outdoor family photos and a bit of trendy urban shooting too. I love walking through the huge Cirencester park with my children and, as usually is the case in my life, i always have my camera with me. I really enjoy the candid style of lifestyle photography and when it comes to kids photography, i think candid shots are the most endearing. We arrived in Cirencester at the end of Summer and i have watched the trees in Cirencester park change their colours into the rich autumn tones and then drop their leaves and become bare in Winter. It has been beautiful to watch this park change in the seasons and i really look forward to seeing the change in Spring.  This park is just magical to shoot in for lifestyle photography, kids photography and family photography. Not only does this park offer the quintessential tree lined pathways for great family photography, but it also offers old barns with peeling paint,  crooked fences and stone walls. I love shooting with a bit of texture, and this park has many gorgeous nooks and crannies to find the perfect setting for any sort of family photography.

Lifestyle photography shoot

Spring is apparently around the corner. I cannot wait as this has been my first winter in the UK and I’m more than ready to say goodbye to it. Please get in touch with me for your next family photo shoot. We can walk and talk in the beautiful park and take some magical family photos for you.

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