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Up until recently, I have done a lot of family photo shoots in the local park in Cirencester. And these shoots are just gorgeous. The change in seasons has a huge impact on the final result  and families just love having their photos taken surrounded by the beautiful Spring flowers or the warm Autumn colours.  But more often these days, families are requesting to have shoots in their own homes and these shoots bring about their own unique magical quality. What is better than having a photographer document you and your loved ones in surroundings that are special and meaningful to you? As a lifestyle family photographer I do offer shoots in the comfort of your own home and whilst these shoots take a little longer, the result is so worth it.

labbradoodles and a delicious menu

So, back to this lovely lifestyle shoot. The ‘H’ family were just fabulous. There was a really relaxed vibe from the moment i took my shoes off and stepped into their lovely home and met their gorgeous son and energetic ‘labbradoodle’ dog (yup, it’s a breed , I googled it!). We spent a bit of time deciding what everyone was going to wear (don’t you just love the mustard and white striped top that the little one is wearing?) and then I started shooting. I have to say, my photographer’s eyes lit up and my heart skipped a beat when i walked into the nursery room and saw this gorgeous white cot and amazing tree mural with those beautiful green leaves…..photography heaven i tell you!  From that point onward the shoot just flowed easily and we got some great photos. It’s  a real honor and privilege to spend time with families in their homes and I genuinely love getting to know my clients:) I thoroughly enjoyed walking around their home and photographing some of the ‘little’ things that jumped out at me, such as the amazing and delicious sounding menu that Mr H had displayed on the kitchen wall. I think they should start a restaurant from the sounds of it:)

This is what Mrs H had to say after the shoot and once she had seen the photos, “I was trying to find the words to express just how much we love the photographs. You’ve managed to capture the true essence of our family, we can’t thank you enough”.

I hope you enjoy the photos from the gallery below. This is just a small selection of the final gallery and a lifestyle photo shoot can easily yield over a 100 photos. Should you be interested in booking a lifestyle family photography shoot please contact me via my contact page  and we can chat about your requirements.

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