After an extremely long 17 hour journey from OR Tambo airport to London’s Gatwick airport, we finally touched down in England.  Only a parent with toddlers could possibly begin to understand the stress of traveling with little ones , and i’m sure the staff of Emirates, now,  have a fair idea of the challenges involved!!. All i can say, is that it was great to finally disembark from that airplane.

We arrived to blue skies and sunshine, thank goodness! After that journey, if we had arrived to dull skies and freezing cold, we may have just have been tempted to turn around! We are staying in the most beautiful little village called Great Bedwyn in Wiltshire. The village has a post office, 2 pubs, a bakery and a shop….oh, and a direct line to London (which i’ve been told is what makes this village so sought after). It is GORGEOUS! I just love it here and after only 2 weeks, the place feels a little like home already. Everyone is so friendly and helpful so far and there is a lovely little park diown the road that my kids love. It’s wonderful to be in the park and see young kids playing soccer and spending time out in the lovely spring weather. England is beautiful…….i will never ever tire of seeing this old warm charming countryside alongside the amenities of first world living. It’s a very special place.

We are hoping to settle in the Wiltshire area. This will depend on a variety of factors, the most important of which is my partner getting work in the area. If we do settle here….then i will start advertising family photo shoots in the Wiltshire area.  Should you come across my page and wish to have a shoot, please do get in touch. I’d love to do a few discounted shoots for some families in order to get my web site updated with current work from England, so if you are keen on that please contact me.

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