This was my first wedding that I had the honor to shoot on my own. My nerves were totally shot the night before and I lay awake most of the night imagining every possible scenario that could happen the next day and how I could deal with it. I woke up in the morning to dull skies and rain on the way. A nightmare for any wedding photographer or bride! I arrived at the venue , the Crown of Crucis in Ampney Crucis, and was greeted a by a gorgeous smiling happy bride! I instantly felt more relaxed and ready to shoot:)

A very romantic engagement

Matt , a competitive triathlete, proposed to Sophie on the finish line of an event that he was competing in and even had his proposal featured in the newspaper. Sophie had written him a note that day which read ‘Last leg. I know it hurts but you can do it’ and Matt kept that note and brought it along on his wedding day. He surprised us all by taking it out of his pocket later that day during the portrait session and I took a gorgeous photograph of him holding that note up.  You can read more about this story in the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire Standard HERE.To say that this couple is perfect for each other, really is an understatement. Both Sophie and Matt have infectious smiles and kind hearts and I have really enjoyed getting to know them over the last few months.  All my wedding packages include a ‘pre -wedding enagagement shoot’ which gives me a chance to get to know a couple a bit more and for them to feel a bit more relaxed in front of the camera with me. You can view Sophie and Matt’s pre-wedding shoot HERE.

It’s like raaaaaiiinnn on your wedding day ….

The actual wedding was in the huge Parish Church in Cirencester. This church is so big it feels more like a cathedral and the immense size and stature of the church only served to raise up my nerves again. We left the Crown of Crucis , huddled under umbrellas, with a stunning bride and her beautiful bridesmaids and climbed into the really cute vintage bus that took us to the church. Sophie is a much loved schoolteacher and we arrived to crowds of teachers, parents and of course children waiting to see the beautiful bride arrive. Sophie looked breathtaking with her up swept hair, and her stunning wedding dress which was hiding a cheeky pair of red heels! Matt was waiting patiently for his bride whilst Sophie’s dad walked her down the aisle. I was really worried I was going to miss the moment that Matt saw Sophie for the first time, but i managed to get that shot and I just love the look on his face. From that point onward everything went smoothly and and the happy couple were pronounced husband and wife a short while later. Everyone climbed back in the bus and headed back to the reception at the Crown of Crucis. By that stage it was raining good and proper and I must admit I had a moment of panic (well, a few moments actually, probably more like few minutes) where i thought, Oh my Gosh, where am I going to shoot the bride and groom portraits and the formal photos but luckily the Crown has a courtyard which offered some cover from the rain so I had a plan. The light was actually lovely too, soft and diffused, just perfect for photographs. I did take the bride and groom out on the ‘bridge’ for a stunning photo with their red polka dot umbrellas. I love that photo! Thank you rain.

So, in closing not even rain could dampen the spirits of this couple’s wedding and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting their wedding and meeting all their family and friends. The nerves are still there, but I think I’m ready to shoot another one….

Gloucestershire wedding photographer

I hope you enjoy the below gallery, please click on the images to enlarge them. If you are looking for a Gloucestershire wedding photographer, I’d love to be considered. Since I’m fairly new to the wedding photography genre, I’m offering a really affordable wedding package for those clients on a tighter budget or having a smaller wedding but still wanting beautiful quality images. You can view my wedding package HERE.

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