My most favourite photo

This shoot produced, by chance, one of my most favourite photos ever. It’s the photo at the top of this blog. I just love the way this little girl is holding the dandelion, the combination of her  delicate hands , the white of the dandelion and the swirling greens behind her ….I love it! Anyway, I’m jumping the gun as that was halfway through the shoot. I’ll start at the beginning…

Outdoor family photography

So, this was a really lovely family of four and we ended up having a super fun , easy and relaxed outdoor family photography shoot in the local park in Cirencester. Its  a real nice change for me to shoot teenagers as I’m often running around after 3 and 4 year olds, so to have a shoot where I had four people that could take direction and actually listened to me…well, it was fabulous to say the least. I really enjoyed meeting this family and I also love talking to young adults and teenagers. It goes without saying that this is  a really beautiful family and they were such fun and easy to be around. It does make my job easier when families have such a natural connection like this and it always translates beautifully onto camera.

I hope you love these photos as much as I do. If you are looking for an outdoor family photography shoot I am based in the gorgeous Roman Market Town of Cirencester, Gloucestershire so please give me a shout so we can book your shoot:) In the meantime, enjoy these outdoor family photography photos:)

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