Man, what an awesome Gloucestershire family photography shoot. Wow, I was absolutely blown away by this wonderful family and their incredible children. The shoot had been postponed previously due to bad weather, but on this particular day we had gorgeous light and these kids, oh my, these kids were just lovely. Vibrant, fun, intelligent, soulful and communicative:)  I just love talking to children and hearing about what they enjoy, who their friends are and what they love about their family. I guess, it transports me back a little, and for a brief moment I get to get to feel excitement and passion about things that I maybe have not thought of in years.  I love photography, really, it’s a real passion of mine but my true love when it comes to this job, is meeting people, especially children.  So, this shoot was just great. Easy from beginning to end. And they even brought their family dog along too which I love almost as much as I enjoy talking!

Sweet and heartwarming words

Mum has done an incredible job of home schooling her beautiful children and they are so well rounded, excelling academically and also in arts and drama as they both sing and play instruments very well. Oh, and they are both martial arts trained too! Is there anything these kids can’t do? One of the questions that I often ask on my shoots, when shooting kids with their mum or dad, is ‘tell me what you love about your mum / dad?’ and I always really enjoy hearing these answers and shooting whilst they talk. This question brings about great expressions and laughs from the parents. This shoot, was the first time however, that I actually interrupted after a while as it appeared that there was no end to the list of what they loved about their parents.  It was really very sweet and heartwarming. In such a technical age it really is wonderful to meet kids that are so well grounded and genuinely have a very appealing ‘child like’ nature. Kids grow up way too fast these days ,and these two were really just a beautiful breath of fresh air:)

I loved the light. I loved the conversation. I loved the connection this family had to each other. And my word, I loved those big smiles:) If you are looking for a Gloucestershire family photography shoot, please do get in touch using the form below or via my Facebook page.

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