Gloucestershire christening photography in Cirencester

This particular Christening photography shoot was for a beautiful and sweet baby girl who was christened in the very same church that her parents had tied the knot in just a few years before:). In fact, her absolutely scrummy and gorgeous Christening cake was made up partly of her parent’s wedding cake that had been re-iced and decorated! Amazing! I love stories like that. I’m very sentimental. Some would say ‘ too sentimental’ but in many ways this is what makes me enjoy my job more and perhaps capture certain images that I would ‘miss’ if I was not always looking for the sentiment in a scene.

Now who’s a bad driver?

This was just a lovely christening from beginning to end and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting it. Family and guests alike were fabulous to get to know and even though I had a fairly hair raising experience of driving down a one way en route to the reception (yes, I am a better photographer than driver!) the entire shoot went off without a ‘hitch’ :) I get a lot of inquiries for Christenings and I tend to shoot them in a similar way as I do for my weddings. So, my modus operandi is to always arrive a bit early and shoot the church and the decor and any ‘sentimental’ items that catch my eye. I then shoot the Christening very much documentary style and finish off with a handful of formal shots at the church. Nowadays, most Christenings are followed by some sort of reception and I do enjoy shooting those especially the guests enjoying themselves and the decor is always very special to photograph.  Speaking of guests enjoying themselves, I particularly love the black and white shot of the two girls laughing with each other. I love candid shots like that that make you lean in and smile and ‘wonder what they were talking about’.

If you are looking for unobtrusive, elegant and sentimental Gloucestershire christening photography, I’d love to hear from you.  You can get in touch using the form on my contact page.

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