passion vs. selling

I used to be a waitress. And not a very good one either. The very first table I ever served, I dropped a seafood crepe on the carpet. It was a moist crepe that ended up sticking to the carpet all night! I found it very easy to chat to customers and I was a helpful and attentive waitress, but I was never really very good at the ‘sales’ side of waitressing. ‘Sales?’, I hear you ask? ‘Are waitresses expected to sell things? Don’t customers just look at the menu and order what they like?’ Well, yes and no. It depends where you work is the answer to that question. In most restaurants, customers arrive, sit down and peruse the menu and order something from it…. but not in the one that I used to work at. The one where I worked was a vibrant and buzzing late night restaurant and our managers expected us to take an active role in the turnover of the business. We would have weekly meetings about how to sell a certain wine or a certain special, how to upsell and how to get customers to always buy dessert……and yea, that was the part I was not very good at (besides dropping food on the floor!). I just could not get into the selling side and it never felt like ‘me’ to try and sell anything to anyone. Until one fine day along came a chocolate cake that changed all of that for me. This cake was aptly named ‘Death By Chocolate’ and it was honestly the most scrumptious and delicious piece of dessert ever created. I sold, yes sold, a Death By Chocolate cake to almost all of my customers after its arrival on our menu. And not because I was ‘selling’ it, but because I felt it was my duty and calling to share with the world how truly incredible this cake was. If you were my ‘table’ you were not leaving my section of the restaurant without ordering one. I would have been doing you, my customer, a disservice to allow you to leave without introducing you to this dessert marvel. And you know what? Where am I going with this crazy post? I feel exactly the same way today about fine art prints! If you are passionate about a product there is no need to ‘sell’ it, you just need to share your enthusiasm for it.

Folio fine art prints

When my package of fine art prints arrives from Folio Albums, I have to say that I get a little giddy with excitement. It’s such a joy to carefully peel back the layers of delicate tissue paper and reveal the luxurious fine art paper prints below. They remind me of a box of artist’s pastel crayons with their matte velvety finish and deep rich vibrant colours. They have a sumptuous and luxurious feel about them and their very presence reminds me of how important it is that digital photographs are turned into printed ones. Fine art printed ones. I am always reminded of my old friend, the Death By Chocolate cake, every time I send these luxurious prints off to clients and I get so excited when I hear responses as to how they have made my clients feel. Very similar actually, to how that chocolate cake used to make my customers feel back in the days of waitressing. Hmm, and now who’s hungry?

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