Outdoor Family photo shoot …

So, right off the bat, before I begin, I have to say,  that we did the first half of this shoot in the rain. In. the. rain. Real rain. Pouring rain! Not sure how we managed to escape it, but we did. I found a gorgeous dry patch under some trees in the most beautiful pocket of soft light, and we did our shoot whilst it poured down around us. It was a little surreal I have to say.  The first few pictures in the gallery of this beautiful child with her angelic face, were taken with the rain pouring down around us, whilst I photographed her under the canopy of trees.  The English weather is a real fascination and even though it can be unpredictable, I have only ever had to reschedule one outdoor family photo shoot due to bad weather.

A family of three …

I must say, I do love photographing a family of three. Families in their various numbers and dynamics are all unique and fun in their own way ( I did a family of ten this past week…..) but there is something particularly lovely about a family of three. I guess, because I know that I can focus a lot of my attention on the child and get some really gorgeous individual portrait shots which is always a lot of fun and rewarding. This shoot was the epitome of what I love about a family of three as the parents were just laid back and lovely and their little girl was just a sweet dream to photograph. Honestly, the photos of her made my heart sing whilst I was editing this session.  Towards the end of the shoot, we moved from the green of the tree lined pathway to the more neutral and muted colors of a nearby wheat field and my gosh, I love how they turned out:) Photographer’s heaven I tell you, a little blonde girl in a wheat field.

So, enough chatter about it. I loved the session. Loved the rain and really loved this family. They were a total pleasure to photograph:)

If you are looking for a family photographer Gloucestershire to capture some relaxed and easy images of your family, please do give me a shout and chat to me about booking your family shoot.



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