Outdoor Autumn Family Shoot

Outdoor Autumn Family Shoot

This gorgeous family of three, travelled to me in Cirencester from London for an outdoor family shoot.  They were a total delight to spend time with and we went for a little walk together whilst I photographed them. I keep my shoots very relaxed and easy and I don’t ask for ‘awkward forced’ poses but rather, I allow families to interact, and I shoot as the moments happen. I was thrilled with the results of this family shoot. The colours in the Autumn are so very beautiful and Mum dressed her kids so perfectly to fit in with the Autumn colours. It all came together beautifully and I’ve posted a selection of pics from the shoot below. If you are looking for an easy relaxed fun family shoot, please do get in touch and I’d love to meet you all. You can get in touch with me HERE



My outdoor family shoots are ‘play based’ for children, meaning that I get your kids to engage in activities that distract them from the camera, and allow me to get natural shots with genuine smiles and interactions. No pressure PLUS Happy kids! I never ever ask a child to say ‘cheese’ as it creates an unnatural smile and I’m all about authenticity. I want you to recognise your child’s familiar happy expression in your photos and feel that I have captured their ‘spirit’. Photographing them whilst they are engaged in play or interacting with you, is how I achieve this.