Cotswold  Photographer offering fun play based family shoots …

As a Cotswold Photographer providing outdoor family photos the first thing I ensure is that my shoots are easy, relaxed and ‘play based’.  I try and not pose my families..ever..and even though that may sound worse than herding cats it actually works. Even with extended family shoots of over 20 people, I still keep my shoots centered around play and interaction. I like to have movement in my shoots. I like for my families to talk and to interact with each other and I find that using this ‘play based’ method means that I consistently have natural and gorgeous results that clients come back to me time and time again for.  Of course environment and light are very important, but without my families ‘connecting in front of the camera’ I will have nothing but boring and soulless family photos..which for me, would  be the time to put my cameras down and get a desk job : (

An outdoor Autumn family shoot …

This gorgeous family shoot was really fun but a bit emotional too as the family was moving back to Canada after having lived in the beautiful Cotswolds for  a few years. We did the shoot in Autumn to capture the beautiful Autumn colours, and I just love how fun, playful and emotive the photos are. A really successful family photo shoot : )

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