Oh my word…one of my most beautiful shoots to date. The lighting was fabulous , the location stunning and Bronywn and Kyle have a really great connection which resulted in just such a beautiful shoot.  These 2 kids took such care with the way they dressed and planned their outfits which i just loved. They are a shining example of how dressing correctly can add that final ‘professional pop’ to your images. I just loved everything about this shoot. We all chatted so much i think i forgot i was even shooting. Bronwyn very kindly sent this me this message after her shoot,

Tanli, thank you so much for the fantastic shoot! Kyle and I were nervous at first but you made us feel so comfortable and relaxed that we actually forgot that we were even taking photos’. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will have these beautiful photos’ to remember it

My aim is really to produce beautiful photos in the most relaxed manner possible, so i’m really happy with Bronwyn’s comment and the photos are just too gorgeous. I really envy the photographer that does their wedding oneday! I have a little fun thing that i do with my couples shoots; I have them write on my chalkboard something that they love about the other one. This is done without the other one seeing what is been written and they only get to see what each other wrote when i post the photos. So, it’s a bit of fun and breaks the ice and everyone relaxes after that. Isn’t it sweet that these two wrote practically the same thing about each other?

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