We have moved to Cirencester and it’s beautiful. Cirencester is often referred to as the Capital of the Cotswolds and was the second largest town in Britain during Roman times. Cirencester also has the most stunning park called Bathurst Estate, home to the 9th Earl Bathurst and open to the public.  Acres of woodland and winding paths make this a magical place for photographers and parents…of which i happen to be both.  I’m completely smitten with this place.  On arrival in the UK we spent a good 4 months traveling around and i have to say that Cirencester feels like ‘home’ to me now and really is the most perfect place for us. The market town is lovely with gorgeous shops and quaint cobbled streets. The cathedral-like Parish Church of St. John Baptist looms over the town and you can see it from all directions and locations.  But it’s the park, the beautiful park that has captured my heart. After dropping my daughter off at school the other morning, i walked back through the park with my 3 year old son. It was a clear morning, blue skies but with a chill in the air (just the way i like it) and the rays of early morning sunshine were filtering through the chestnut trees. Deer grazed in the distance….. and squirrels floated through the autumn leaves….sounds too good to be true right? I also thought so at the time and had to remind myself that this is actually my life and how incredibly fortunate we are to be living here.

I’m not the best writer and i think (i hope) my photos convey just how gorgeous this place is more than any explanation ever could. I hope you enjoy them….


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