Natural baby photography

I just love a more natural style of baby photography which would be more along the lines of lifestyle photography as opposed to the more ‘posed’ style that one sees a lot of these days. In general, my family shoots are very  relaxed and easy and I follow though with that sort of style with my baby photography too. This was a lovely shoot and it was just wonderful spending a few hours with this ‘new’ family and their bundle of joy. I’m not that experienced with newborn baby photography and i think this shoot tallies up my total newborn experience to about 4 shoots now. Which is really not very much, so it was wonderful that Rosa wanted to take a chance on a ‘newbie’ newborn photographer and allow me to gain a bit more experience from her shoot. Baby was pure joy from beginning to end, she slept beautifully and i really enjoyed this shoot!  Bring on more newborns please…..Thank you to Mommmy and Daddy  for your patience and making the shoot so enjoyable.

Hi Tanli. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of our little one and of our family- we love them; can’t wait to frame! Your service was professional and you’re such an easy person to interact with. I’m sure your career will blossom no matter where life takes you! Newborn shoots included;-)

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