A Highworth Christening …

I’m almost as busy photographing Christenings as I am with photographing families and weddings.  I do thoroughly enjoy them though and this lovely christening in the beautiful market town of Highworth was no exception. The weather, amazingly enough was really lovely, and the day was warm and sunny.  The church service was particularly heartwarming and it was lovely to see such a sense of community spirit among all those who attended.

We did have a scary moment whilst doing the formal group shots outside the church, when a swarm of bees arrived. We had to change our plans quite quickly for the group photos and do them elsewhere. I’ve never ever seen so many bees in my life before!  Once the church service was over and the group photographs done, we headed off to the reception which was at the Community Hall just a few miles down the road. Here, the kids enjoyed playing games outside in the sunshine and the adults enjoyed being together and having a bite to eat. All in all, a lovely Christening and I really enjoyed meeting everyone.

Should you wish to hire a christening or baptism photographer, please give me a shout and we can discuss the day in a bit more detail. It really does pay to have a professional baptism photographer present as you are assured of meaningful photos of the day that you can treasure for years to come. Often churches can be quite dark and lighting can become a big problem for those ‘non professional hobbyist photographers’ so hiring someone who understands the challenges involved is always a good idea.

Please contact me using the form below or on my contact page.

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