I was really privileged to photograph my gorgeous friend and her beautiful daughters over the weekend in Cirencester Park, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. The perfect modern family portrait shoot! You would be forgiven if you thought these are 4 sisters! How  beautiful are these lovely girls?

The light in England is absolutely lovely. So gentle and almost ethereal. Up to this point, i have been used to shooting in South Africa where, if you are going to shoot outdoors, you possibly only have two times of the day to do that. The sun is so bright and harsh in South Africa, that you are constantly searching for open shade. England is not like that. The light is soft and gentle , and with the right positioning of your subject, it’s quite easy to shoot in full midday sun here. This shoot was done in Bathurst Cirencester Park and was about 2pm. The day was cold, extremely windy and a little grey. I’d find a pocket of juicy light, and next minute the clouds would blow over, and it would be gone. It was all good though, we spoke and laughed and discussed photography (my favourite subject) and i’m completely in love with the end result. I have been dying to do a family autumn shoot since the leaves started dropping and changing colour. I’m so pleased i was able to get to do it before the real cold sets in.

Thank you to my friend  for braving the wind and the cold (and eventually the hunger) and allowing me to get these stunning photos. I hope you all love them as much as i do. If you are considering a family portrait photography shoot, please do get in touch.

Considering our photos were taken on the day Hurricane Gonzalo decided to sweep past the UK I was very worried about how our photos would turn out. When I reviewed our photos I was totally blown away (no pun intended!) as there was no indication at all. To be able to shoot under those conditions and produce such amazing results is remarkable. You’re a true pro Tanli and we’re really thankful to have you take our photos for us      ~ The S Family

Gloucestershire family photographer

I am a modern family portrait photographer based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.  I shoot on location using natural light.  My shoots are really relaxed and very easy. I like to walk and talk and shoot and get to know you.  Please contact me to chat about your shoot.

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